Isotta Rossoni

Hi! My name is Isotta Rossoni and I am a PhD candidate at the Van Vollenhoven Institute for Law, Governance and Society at Leiden University. I was born in Sydney, Australia and have lived in Italy, the UK, Russia and Malta (so far). I hold an MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Oxford and a BA in Russian and International Relations from Queen Mary University of London. I have worked as grant writer, project manager and research consultant for a number of European NGOs, including Transparency International Italy, Save the Children Italy, the European Network for the Work with Perpetrators of Domestic Violence (WWP EN), Victim Support Malta, the Migrant Women Association Malta and more. My main interests lie at the intersection of migration and criminal justice, with a particular focus on gender-based violence in the context of migration and displacement. I’m an avid traveller (when COVID-19 doesn’t get in the way), a sports enthusiast and to quote Deborah Frances-White, a guilty feminist.